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Quick Lunch with BVLGARI CEO !


    Had the pleasure to meet with Jean Christophe Babin the CEO of Bulgari along side Lelio Gavazza , Managing Director of Bulgari Europe , Middle east and Africa .. got to say the most down to earth Italian’s I ever met :P We talked mostly about  Fashion and style in the middle east and how we are different from Europe’s style , we also talked about stones and jewelry, watches … and new planned BVLGARI hotels that will open in London , Dubai , Milan and many other countries . I couldn’t help but spot their watches .. LOVED …


what do you guys think ?   Gents .. which one would you go with?

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When Blogging helps you let it out ;)

Hey Guys .. it’s been a while since I let it out .. a lot of people are wondering … why isn’t dudette writing more often … it’s because when I try to support people , I just forget about myself .. and give them all the attention they need.


Things also changed .. Blogging is still so important to me and I never plan on stopping anytime soon , it’s just that so many things in social media happened , Like instagram , now store house , snapchat .. and youtube which also takes most of your time .. I’m not feeling the ” Theme” here anymore .. I think it’s time for a change so I start blogging more often .. I need to feel it … a new start is the way to go ( Planning on something on the works and will let you know .. so stay tuned “)



Back to support … I dedicated so much time for others .. because I believed in them .. so much … but I guess some people don’t deserve all the attention you give to them and sometimes use that kindness N support for weakness., when there’s no respect factor there , then there’s no point even continuing that support for them … even though they are pro’s at what they do .. if there’s no respect and appreciation there’s no point.



Let’s go back and focus on ourselves a bit .. try to push through to get where we want to be … no one is worth is now a days .



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When I attended Lilly Ghalichi & Celebrity Make-Up Artist Etienne Ortega Hair & Make-Up Workshop!

What can I say … his make up and his hair do’s are flawless , he does hair and makeup for celebrities like Kim Kardashian , Kourtney , Khloe Kardashian, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Paris Hilton , Christina Millian , and so many more!

I learned from this course actually , especially how to apply lashes and foundation the right way .. and the right way to contour depending on face structure , not all faces is the same .. so not all contour techniques should be the same, for instance my nose is small so I couldn’t want to make it smaller :P

The Persian doll .. @lillyghalichi ❤️ i love how skinny she is man ! #shahs #shahaofsunset

A video posted by Hala Abu Al Hasan (@dudette_7d) on

And who models for Glam as much as the Persian Barbie doll of the show shahs of sunset , the glamorous Lilly Ghalichi!

As for hair we learned how to do the retro curls , using lots of extentions !

here’s the look we did!

Thank you so much for this opportunity , i speak honest and honestly even though the steps are long and it’s a process , I loved his make up techniques and Lilly was just the perfect model for glam !

We need to have more of these events with real celebrity make up artists ! :P

I usually post the steps on snap chat and instagram check em out on dudette_7d ;)


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It’s Pay Back Time B :P hahaha #IDIED

oh don’t we have a lot of people to pay us back yooo :P

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All You need in life .. is a REAL FRIEND.

That is easier said .. than found .. ” TRUE Friendship is just toooooo hard to find .. but once you find it then that’s it .. your done for life”

You go through so many hardships in life , you sometimes feel nothing is going right , everything is chaotic, A mess that all you need is a breath of fresh air , and feeling free .

I Swear sometimes I thought  that I’m always alone in this life , even though i’m surrounded by so many people , you get depressed about it and most of all the loneliness eats you up, Once you find that good friend of a listener that got your back no matter  and never judges you and you can be yourself around, all this chaotic mess just fades away … because you feel like you got a backbone that you have a lot of common with, you just get through life together , whether it’s a friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood etc.

I personally always thought people always  leave ” always”  , and change , that’s why I have fear of loosing the people who stood up for me , because  it’s just devastating if they change because you feel a sense of security and care , and then it just disappears .

Let’s face it .. People change …

you don’t know what everyone goes through ,but all I know if everyone reacts differently , some need someone to talk to and some just doesn’t open up and stays away from everyone..and acts weird , If it’s true friendship , someone needs to step up and fix it … and just have thick skin about it , cause if it’s true it will never die and always come back no matter what  the circumstances are. If things break then maybe I’m right people always do leave .. and it wasn’t as real as you thought : )

Does anyone feel the way I feel , FEAR OF LOOSING someone that mean’s a lot to you ? Or Fear of that person loosing touch and changing ?



I’m Scared…

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Tailor Swift never dances with the tune.. NEVER :P


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When I spent my weekend with Drake !

This is by far the worse quality video I ever took ” LOL” that’s because for the first time I really enjoyed the show without even thinking of coverage or photography or whatever , I WANTED to enjoy the concert and I sure as hell Did


So I apologize for the poor quality video .. but this is the best I could do :P too busy singing along :P


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The Best thing of 50 shades of grey !

Otherwise the movie sucked :P

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Back from Dubai .. Definitely the Best city in the UAE.

The love I have for this city … I just feel better when I land in two places, London and Dubai .. they are my favorite places to be.


However The amount of love I got in Dubai is Unreal .. the people there are just supportive … so a Thank you is not enough , it was like a much needed break !


I could just lay in Bed and Enjoy Dubai’s tall buildings view and just enjoy my time there even if I aint doing anything .


I went to Drake’s concert . which was pretty goood , short but good , I hoped he would sing more from his new awesome mix tape , but watching Drake Live is awesome and he sounds good LIVE TOO ! ;) I’m gonna post a small coverage video for you guys soon.


Then we had to drop by Dubai Mall and shop a bit , imma show you what I got! You can’t not spend and shop in Dubai!


Finally we dropped by the food tasting of slider station before it officially opens .. I have a coverage for that too , LOVED the menu and the design which was similar to Kuwait’s but way way bigger .. and a super high ceiling which I loved ! I liked the Menu options there , it’s a little different than Kuwait’s , Ill show you what we ordered too!


Met so many cool people too , from criminal investigators to normal ones :P


Stay tuned for the coverage’s guys ! ;)

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Hasti Devita’s life of Twisted Art .

Hasti Devita a young talent that works all on her self to express her life story, struggles in self photography… an interpretation and enjoyment for the audience.

She handles all aspects of the creation herself , the photography , the modelling , the location shots , the editing as well as the concepts and ideas behind them .

Her inspirations is passion , god and life time struggles but there is a bit of fantasy , hope , real life experiences in between .


Two Suns in the Sun Set



The Truth about Flying is my favourite piece








Justice for our souls 



Ocean Spirits Folklore





she also did a short film called knocking on heavens door will I will share with you soon

for more of haste’s art check her tumbler

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