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FLASHBACK- Bits and Pieces of what went down at The Wayan Brothers Comedy Show in Kuwait ! :P!!!

By far … the best comedy show I attended in Kuwait , I would never forget this day .. You can spot my excitement in the video I just wanna watch the show ! LOL

Everyone was  dancing , laughing forgetting about their worries !

Here’s what went down !!

Can’t wait for 12.12.2014 !!



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Easy Taxi – Taxi to your place in a click on a button .. Literally !


So I thought I should talk about this cool app  I found… I have a lot of tourist friends from different nations that are coming to Kuwait for a Quick visit .. and the first thing I thought about is .. ” Transportation” they get so into the culture that they want to go to a lot of places .. like MUBARAKIYA .. Kuwait towers and whatever .


So when I found out about this application it just came at a perfect timing .. so I don’t have to worry about taking them dropping them to so many places then taking them .. let them live the experience and have someone take them from one place to another is just perfect !


Leaving the mall is now easier … not wondering and getting frustrated to find a taxi ride back to the hotel !



So here’s how it work .. so simple !! I LOVE IT !

I just downloaded the app On App Store, and it’s available for Andriod and windows as well  I’m sure the friends will be super happy over an easy helpful service like this for them

Check them out on instagram as well @easytaxikw

They are having a discount offer right now ;)

Let me know what you think!




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Life just got Sweeter because of the #TheNeqsaFamily !



When you a get a super super SWEET package for Neqsa cafe life is always good ! ;)

I’m a sweet tooth kinda girl so seeing some salities and mostly sweet yummy items in that package made me so happy !

Lemme tell you .. yes I tried everything and I didn’t feel guilty this time ! :P



so it all Started when I fell in love with sugar .. it says it how it is .. it was a choco spell :P


mmmmm heaven on a cup ?:P



Some salties was included like bluebell and someday vine leaves and saladyo kw! yummiest vine leaves ever!






The healthy snack was also included from my favorite favor quest bar ! cookies and cream yo ! my favorite !








Special thanks to the #THENEQSAFAMILY :*















@NEQSACAFE is located in Salmiya, Block 3, Blajat Street infront of Asnan tower



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A Challenge Like Never Before

سبق وأن شاهدتم سباق بين سائق راليات/درفت ورياضي الجري الحر؟ سباق سريع بين أبطال ريد بُل محمد العطار (الجري الحر) وعبدو فغالي (رالي/درفت) أقي على جزيرة فيلكا الكويتية

  تنافس كل من فغالي والعطار بين الأبنية القديمة والعوائق لمعرفة من سيصل إلى خط النهائية أولاً  شاهد الفيديو للتفاصيل

بدأ عبدو فغالي، سائق الراليات اللبناني، مسيرته عام 1998 وأحرزالبطولة المحلية 3 مرات. شغفه بالدرفت دفعه إلى تطوير موهبته وابت خبيراً بهذه الرياضة. توج فغالي بطلاً للشرق الأوسط في مسابقة تسلق الهضبة ما بين عامي 2007 و2010. وعام 2013 تمكن فغالي من تحطيم الرقم القياسي لإطول انجراف ليحمل الرقم القياسي الجديد في موسوعة غينيس

بدأ محمد العطار مسيرته الرياضية عام 2006 وشارك في عدة عروض في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي. وحقق فوزه الأول في المسابقات التنافسية في بطولة ريد بُ أربن جامب في عام 2010. وفي عام 2011 أستحق العطار وفريقه عن جدارة المركز الثالث في مسابقة ريد بُل أرت اوف موشن

تقع فيلكا في الركن الشمالي الغربي من الخليج العربي على بعد 20 كيلومتر من سواحل مدينة الكويت وكانت الجزيرة محطة تجارية مهمة على الطريق البحريبين حضارات بلاد ما بين النهرين والحضارات المنتشرة على ساحل الخليج العربي

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Mammograming your Breasts is more Important than Instagramming them!


As you all know it’s October and it’s Breast Cancer awareness month , everyone is too busy promoting their pink breast cancer awareness campaigns … but do they actually go??

Not really for the majority of you .. and I was one of those people ..everyone is just too lazy and can’t be bothered to go get checked simply because they have no symptoms or they always think “I’m too young to get it ” or your just afraid to hear ” the bad news”


Guys .. Don’t be afraid and don’t get LAZY for this, when it really happens then you will just regret not getting tested.



I went today to Al SALAM HOSPITAL .. to get a Mammogram and Ultra Sound .. to make sure I’m cancer FREE even though I was just 29 years old .. I will not wait till Im 40 .. to make sure everything is ok.

So they refused to give me a mammogram since it’s a risky for those who don’t have severe lump evident cases .. they don’t advise and refusing giving it if your below 40 years old.

So I did the Ultra sound .. that took 15 minutes maybe less , with a Report that says ..



It felt soooo good knowing I’m clean for this Virus that eats you away .. even though you do have it … early detection is your cure.

GO GET CHECKED GUYS .., it will take less than half an hour of your time ;)

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God Damn God Damn Go Damn :P


But tell them winning is ma …………………. PROTOCOL ;)


Hahahahah this is the performance of the year for me .. these 2 own it like there’s no tomorrow .. BOOOST ME UP THIS PERFORMANCE ;)

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Days like these …

Today is  BLAH day .. you know those days when you just don’t feel good and your such in a bad mood .. well today is the day.

I got this wave of rush … and a voice that whispers to me .. ” Hala What the hell are you doing? “

sometimes you just sit with yourself and think.. then what?

I had people support me at my worst .. my problem is I get so attached .. but what I keep forgetting is that they have their own lives to think about and they are not just living to be there for me and my drama ..

I went through so many hardships but that changed me a lot .. it gave me so much power as a woman to stand for my right and know what’s right from wrong ..but when people give you their hand for support is really nice … but not always right .. depending on their situation.


Today I thought about a lot of things ..There’s just one more thing I need to learn though .. is not to depend on someone to make me happy.. try to find a way to be sane and happy with myself … that I need to work on .. because it’s not happening


People always leave and you can’t just depend on them all the time to make your life better .. sometimes .. all you need to do is just let go … and think through of your actions .. even if the other half doesn’t want to.. emotions is deadly sometimes when it plays with your mind , it makes you assume and sometimes assume wrong.. then you just get hurt.


Be selfish … for once .. think of yourself .. but don’t allow someone to be selfish with you all the time .


Some people need to understand that they just can’t have everything .


I don’t know half of the things I just said .. I’m just trying to let what I feel out ..


It’s just  one of those BLAH BLAH days …

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Dudette Finally Gets Into Technology !


So  I thought … MMM fashion and girly stuff .. sticking to my small petite G12 won’t do all the time  !:P

Let me start liking technology ” Toys ” ala Goolat some guys .. They call them Toys .. { WHAT THE ISH :P)




I’m a huge Canon fan .. not very much into NIKON .. I don’t know CANON just takes better pictures ! (in my world)

So it’s about time I talk about Technology which I hate bas here goes nothing :p 

Sick of my G12 so I got this yesterday from Canon .. Baby steps :p the 1200D .. It’s New and it has all the features that I need for a start up!

Plus its super light! Which is important to me! All professional cameras are heavier than I am !

Will Review it soon on the Blog!

Did you guys try this camera before , Good .. bad  ANy Reviews ??

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What I thought about Culture Shock #HALALSHOW


So thought would go and check Indian Comedian Rajiv AKA ” FunnyIndian” out at the Culture shock comedy show a couple of days go !

The thing I always  love about comedy shows is the opening MUSIC deejays ,.. Man they just  turn the place on fire!!  .. that’s like my favorite part of every body show ,… You just can’t  keep still in your seat and you have to be on the move , which is a good mood changer.




I loved how Bashar talked about everything being ” 3aib” in Kuwait and people should just get over this mentality .


Firas was Ok , he made me laugh much more in other shows though.. but loving the beard look  hehe  :P







I loved the face that the whole show was R RATED , they were swearing and did not even care ;) haha





To me personally nothing beats the wayans brothers show yet , but Rajiv was funny ;)

and I loved the fact the he passed by everyone even the back rows




Special thanks to Gas Events and Mad Stand

Can’t wait for the BIG SHOW IN DECEMBER ;)



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More than a Comedy Show!!


Who do you guys think?

منو تتوقعون؟

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