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Fun shoot with @milkjuicekw

So thought I should share more of my photo shoot experiences with you , yesterday I had the honors to work with the film maker Minamalekpour , that girl is visionary , Milk juice and her wanted me to be the face of milk juice new video and i was honored to do it in collaboration with my brother Emcee element.

It was shot at the old Amiri hospital and boy was it a crazy day , we shot in 54  Degrees weather for hours while we were fasting .. and guess what , the gates was closed , so we had to sneak ourselves in or jump through fences !! lol

I was wearing heels on so had to take them off to get to our location sport since it was very bumpy and oh boy did broken glasses pieces go in my feet!  , I love to be professional thought so I didn’t show it and kept the pain inside , it was soo freakin hot , dripping sweat and make up was all over the place .

The end result was so worth it and loved and enjoyed every minute regardless of all that !



Milk Juice is a kuwaiti business owned by 3 young edgy fellas , they sell the coolest accessories , and are well known for their sick snaps which I will be posting really soon !





Here’s a small teaser , Hope you guys like it , can’t wait to see the whole thing ;)


To check Milk Juice full collection follow them on @milkjuicekw


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Still awake on Led Zeppelin

Awake … but awake  because I want to this time … not because I can’t sleep . being awake never felt that good and all I’m listening to is Led Zeppelin .


I feel blessed having people staying on my side , feels like a weight of the shoulder kinda thing and nothing around you even matters anymore



Stairway to Heaven .. Enjoy ;)

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Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

My mum always taught me to ” GIVE ” more than I can take , especially this month .. I just love giving people and growing smiles on their faces , whether it’s support  to their new business , visiting sick children in the hospital ,   I realized that a lot of people are not as blessed as we are .

I mean the world is turning into a night mare , Look what is happening to GAZA , it’s like peace is non existent , when we need 100′s of protests just to tell the world that bombing children is Not OK , that’s when you know  that Humanity has failed .

whether .. it’s age , race , color .. simply being a good human .. changes more than you think and changes your own life . Many people do mistakes but the important thing is how you fix them , start by not thinking of yourself and giving instead of taking lives , destroying homes and shattering beloved families.

I don’t usually talk about politics and religion here ,  but I’m disgusted of how disgusting people can get just to get what they want .. because all they think about is their selfish selves , whether it’s a normal person , or a leader .

Sometimes you just have to put yourself in any person that needs help situation and give all you are capable of giving .


Lets try to make the world a better place, even though it’s just putting a smile on someones face ;)


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It’s all About CHANEL in 2014

They bring the fashion show to you , simple , simple , simple .. YET CHIC .. I can never get bored of this brand.

ENJOY the show ;)


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Stop being a follower .. Be a Leader.

I decided not to mention names in this post .. because I just don’t want to hurt anyone but it’s just bothering me.


You need to stop following peoples successes and try to be different and  create  innovation at what you do , An incident happened yesterday,  and it just bothered me ,  A successful frozen yogurt business, well known for their sauces that was not found in any other froyo brands ..   We got used to to flavors and the usual toppings that any froyo would have ,  but this one differentiated themselves from other  and  their creation of a a flavored sauce became the hit and the demand of the market everywhere , it became everyones talk , they are well known now for their sauces that they brought and created from their brand ,  then what happens, another froyo businesses .. copies the same sauce dressing .

I don’t know I think it’s just not right when someone works hard to create something different that picks up in the market and someone just takes that idea because they want to follow the success factor of how well it’s doing.

People work hard to get where they want .. then someone just takes that from them in split second.

I mean everyone can do PIZZA .. but what makes your Pizza different than others? I worked so hard to make that pizza  happen then someone just comes and copies mine with the same toppings because mine is selling really well.


So what do you think about this .. I personally got bothered about it .. I feel people should start being different and create something different to be successful .. not just follow what successful businesses are doing.



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YAMLI – The solution to bad arabic chicken Nuggets like Myself !

so I’m not proud .. but I can’t read arabic properly and it will take me a fortune just to type one word on the laptop .. so I use and I thought some of you don’t know what it is ..  so if your at work .. and you have a manager that hates you and just wants to prove you wrong .. focus on your weaknesses that might be ” arabic ” and ask you to write a full arabic report , or you just want to type an arabic sentence but it takes you ages to type it.


This website will be your BEST FRIEND YOU GUYS !

Check this out !


You type the word you want in English and it automatically gives you options to pick from in Arabic !! , this is amazing ! :P

And it also reads ARABISH like 7 ,9 ,3ains in a word

Here I typed ” Za7ma”


The only thing that you need to check with , if your that bad in Arabic .. is if it’s the right word you picked or if it has alphabetical typos and just correct it !

This webiste .. SAVED MY LIFE .. I wish I can learn more arabic grammer , and writing , it’s just a very hard language !

Again..I’m not Proud .. but I’m willing to try and learn and this is a great start !

CLick {HERE } To access the Website !


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Ramadan Food Overdose!!

Food Food Food .. It’s just tastier in Ramadan ! :P But nothing is more tastier than my aunt’s FOOD !! it’s just tooo goood !!!!

Ill explain why , we have persian roots in us .. so we have some yummy Persian dishes mixed with some European dishes

So what’s the menu list  for fetour :

  • Leg of Lamb ( with Gravy)
  • Lentin soup
  • Warag 3enab
  • Tashreebat laham ( and we always eat it with one piece of gaimat , it’s a family trade mark kinda thing}
  • Geema with Rice
  • Fried shrimps
  • Beef dumplings
  • Rice cake with chicken
  • badiyant with yogurt
  • Sweet and sour chicken wings
  • Bajila rice with chickem
  • Harees

Desserts! ( Some home made and some  from businesses)

  • Home made Nutella Truffle
  • The famous Pistachio Cake from Pick Yo
  • Home made fruit custard truffle
  • Home made gaimat and Ghatayef
  • Min smarties chocolate cakes
  • Mohalabiya cheese cake
  • Home made Apple crumble with Vanilla ice cream
  • Vanilla cake
  • Baklawa
  • Mohalabiya Basboosa
  • Knafa







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This year zain is bringing back the little mermaid!

اعلان زين البحار

في البحر …
لا تقتل سمكة اخرى الا لتأكلها فتشبع
و البشر يقتل بشرا من غير سبب مقنع

الحجز في نادي كاظمة او

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Healthiest Dessert in Ramadan- Green Tea ” matcha tea” Frozen Yogurt Cake.


Ramadan is known for their sweets .. if your on your boring diets .. and is craving a bit of sweet after fetour but don’t want to feel guilty.. try the Green Tea Matcha frozen yogurt tea cake from Pick Yo.

I worked out so hard that day .. that I didn’t want to ruin my hard work to waste .. so I left the gatayef behind and had a piece of green tea cake.



Honestly speaking you can’t compare it with the strawberry cheese cake and Pistachio frozen yogurt  which has way more calories … but it is a guilty free cake that I would eat if I’m on a strict diet and craving something sweet, a piece won’t really harm , I love the raspberry addition sauce on it  , it gives it a sweeter flavor.


Diet Freaks .. Try the guilty free, green tea frozen yogurt cake , with raspberry topping and dried nuts.




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Hey guys .. I’m still awake and thought this is the place where I can express more .. I don’t know if its Ramadan or just me .. I just can’t sleep .. I’m just constantly on the go .. sleep is non existent .. I sleep for about 2 hours and when I wake up I’m just dead tired .

All the Ghabga’s .. dress up in dara’as and kaftans for gathering is making me tire, all I want to do is dress up in my PJ”S and watch hehe

Just wanna watch TV SHOWS .. and CRAVE SWEETS .. Dieting in Ramadan is a stupid word .. you just can’t if you don’t have the will power ! ” your metabolism ” just gets messed up big time .. and you constantly feel LAZY .

So back to the sleeping issue .. is it just me .. or I just can’t sleep in Ramadan !

who’s still awake… HI ;)


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