Im really looking forward to Al Gayla a new radio show in Kuwait, Hosted by Mic Imbalta3 and Talal Al Yagout , a mix of 2 different sense of humors under one show ? That must be good .. I sense a lot of laughs happening!

The show will be aired on FM 103.7 ..Honestly we want cool, different , funny  radio shows that keeps us excited and makes us laugh so much and not turn our music list on all the time !

I feel this show will be different with an old traditional touch to it , that’s why it’s called “Al Gayla” an old traditional term of afternoon timings which is when the show will air

Official show airing date will be on Sunday 2nd October from 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM on FM 103.7


We had the opportunity to attend the conference today at Lenotre sea side , My date was Jaquies but she couldn’t make it because she was working late ( I’m so hear broken :P)

The show will talk about many categories, oldies , Cars, Kuwaiti traditions, All kinds of activities and  sports, ( they Also mentioned that they will bring or will be in contact with international sport players, they actually promised us , the only help they need is with the English ! :P) They also mentioned how they will support local talents and encourage them and one of the funny character voices of the show will be “Hamza” I am so looking forward to his character ! :)

They will also encourage alot of CSR activities , Now to bloggers this is the best part they will be  having talk sessions and discussions with some of the  bloggers in the show that will be so cool ! ;)



Now the best news ever !! .. is that the introductory of the show will be by Army of One !! I love them honestly , I miss them a lot I wish their comeback is as strong as their start!

Here’s a special message from Mike and Talal about Al Gayla show



I loved it a lot , it represent their characters and it has the old tradition touch to it , and I loved the camel honestly , it says they can host a show anywhere !;) The colors gives it a vibe that you can’t miss  , I loved it so much that I took snaps of the logo everywhere!

Special Thanks to Badria Al Roudan and Ali and All their lovely staff !

of course Lenotre has to always shine with the snacks and treats for bloggers ..  ;) after the conference ended we started snapping pictures , chit chating and eating away

Fares Awath was there ! :P


The show will be sponsored by VIVA so some of the Viva members were there for support !

The show will also be sponsored by Bayan Dental my personal dental clinic ;)

Wishing Mic and Talal and all Al Gayla staff behind the cameras the best of Luck !

Thanks for the goodies and Tee ;)


Looking forward to October .. People turn your radios on FM 103.7  and stay tuned daily for a one of a kind show with lots of humor ! ;)


2 Responses to “AL Gayla- New HIT Radio Show in Kuwait!”

  1. Mic Imbalta3 is ready to take over the Mic AGAIN

    This looks like is going to be an interesting show !


    P.S I FARES 3awath 3ajeeb !

    Can’t wait till 2nd October


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