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He’s like my DRUG , really , I enjoy every single play list made and his renditions , you guys follow him on soundcloud , you will get addicted , amazing amazing amazing . GOD.

The first rendition you don’t have to but NEED To listen to is ” Nothing was the same ” Drake Medley



Here’s the sound cloud link!! :)

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#TheM2 at Salhia Complex , A Sneak Peek Private Tour!

IMG_1074.JPG What’s #THE_M2? A project Salhia has been working on for the past 2 years , which is set to house five local dining concepts in addition to one existing regional concept , so basically it’s a dining section that will be located at Salhia m2 floor , where they will introduce new and known , selected restaurant joints, will explain the each restaurant concept ! It will be your favorite floor guaranteed!


Dikakeen is an Arabic term for Kiosks , here  Kuwaiti chefs will be LIVE cooking and showcasing their take on local dishes . IMG_1110.JPG

IMG_1109.JPG     IMG_1071.JPG


I’m sure you guys know SOLO PIZZA ! , Amr Al Refai is taking is deeper into to the heart of Napoli  by opening ” Doppio” Italian for ” Double”  A friggitoria that sells FRIED STREET FOOD !   IMG_1072.JPG I honestly loved their interior the most ! , this is going to be one hell of a chill place with good food! Rustic setting that gathers family and friends and like the small streets and back alleyways of Napoli, you can always find something great to eat! :) IMG_1073.JPG

IMG_1115.JPG Amr Al Refaie owner of SOlO PIZZA and Doppio explaining the concept , YEAHY to NAPOLEON FOOD :) ! IMG_1112.JPG

Interior designer explaining the ambiance and architecture of Doppio  , I applaud her for the design , I absolutely fell in LOVE with it , so unique and different, we need more of these restaurants in Kuwait. IMG_1118.JPG


When it comes to chocolate they are the pros , a Branch in 360 and the grand avenues and now at THE M2 Sahia , a desert destination with lots of yummy chocolate dishes on the menu , in addition to a hearty breakfast , lunch and dinner. IMG_1068.JPG Farah Al Fadalah , explaining the interior design of the place , which will be similar to the grand avenues . IMG_1123.JPG




You know the pantry from home deliveries, now opening their first Bakery/cafe which will remind you of GREAT BRITAIN and the London streets ! The pantry produces freshly baked cakes , pies , Breads and much more .   IMG_1070.JPG Owner of the Pantry explaining her concept , she wanted something very simple , that reminds us of London county side. IMG_1120.JPG


Ridleys Burger is a local concept inspred by Ridley’s Market in London ! Drawing inspiration from 1940′s – 1950′s , from 200 year old bricks imported from London to the cozy feeling of the place , They promised us that we will try something different since there’s a lot of Burger joints in Kuwait they are willing to compete , they even mentioned even their ketchup and sauces will be HOME MADE! IMG_1076.JPG

I loved their interior as well , it’s very Vintage and Londony , Can’t wait for Ridleys as well ! IMG_1077.JPG



IMG_1127.JPG Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Hall of M2! IMG_1104.JPG And the WORLD WIDE TREND ! Why not take A SELFIE ;) -181.jpg -182.jpg IMG_1132.JPG

Special thanks to the create mind Nouf for the Sneak Peek and all the Salhia staff !

Good Luck and Can’t wait for the official  opening !


For more information and details on M2

Hashtag #THE_M2 on instagram



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My #ONREPEAT Weekend Jam

I can’t get over this song .. I just love it! Kind of explains what I feel right now , feel over the top and expectations went so high that I’m just being honest ;) I feel nothing is good enough ,  it’s not that nothing pleases me , It’s just that I’m honest when something is just not right ,I say things how they are ,  I’m out in the open and I do not sugar coat , ummm and  I do feel like a Rock Star :P

Oh well I guess it’s just good weekend vibes ! , Have a Nice weekend y’all !

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VIOLENCE in Kuwait – A Picture says a Thousand Lies.


failI love this picture and thought it will be wise to share it .

Women in general are very strong when it comes to puting up with bad relationships , violence , and the list goes on.

so Will Keep this short and simple , a lot of Women in Kuwait go through violence.

 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime; an estimated 1.3 million victims are affected by this annually; and 85% of the time the victims are women. 

The problem is that some women put up with it and pretend that they are very happy.


Because of your kids ?

you think it’s healthy for them looking at their parents physically and emotionally hurting each other

 Because of a Name Title ?


Because of People talking ?

I really need to understand why they put up with it and tolerate it especially here !

AGAIN … WHY ????


Why show people that your happy when your not in your relationships , why don’t you just let it go !

Relationships might be happy on the surface but behind closed doors , you don’t know what happens





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Wayan Brothers coming to Entertain you ;)



YEAHY MY FAVORITE 2 WHITE CHICKS are coming to Kuwait!


we need this here, real comedians that make you laugh , everyone is depressed and sad , we need more laughter !! :P

I’m soo excited , PRE BOOK YOU GUYS , you will not want to miss this !


To prebook call 66869852

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