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It’s Pay Back Time B :P hahaha #IDIED

oh don’t we have a lot of people to pay us back yooo :P

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All You need in life .. is a REAL FRIEND.

That is easier said .. than found .. ” TRUE Friendship is just toooooo hard to find .. but once you find it then that’s it .. your done for life”

You go through so many hardships in life , you sometimes feel nothing is going right , everything is chaotic, A mess that all you need is a breath of fresh air , and feeling free .

I Swear sometimes I thought  that I’m always alone in this life , even though i’m surrounded by so many people , you get depressed about it and most of all the loneliness eats you up, Once you find that good friend of a listener that got your back no matter  and never judges you and you can be yourself around, all this chaotic mess just fades away … because you feel like you got a backbone that you have a lot of common with, you just get through life together , whether it’s a friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood etc.

I personally always thought people always  leave ” always”  , and change , that’s why I have fear of loosing the people who stood up for me , because  it’s just devastating if they change because you feel a sense of security and care , and then it just disappears .

Let’s face it .. People change …

you don’t know what everyone goes through ,but all I know if everyone reacts differently , some need someone to talk to and some just doesn’t open up and stays away from everyone..and acts weird , If it’s true friendship , someone needs to step up and fix it … and just have thick skin about it , cause if it’s true it will never die and always come back no matter what  the circumstances are. If things break then maybe I’m right people always do leave .. and it wasn’t as real as you thought : )

Does anyone feel the way I feel , FEAR OF LOOSING someone that mean’s a lot to you ? Or Fear of that person loosing touch and changing ?



I’m Scared…

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Tailor Swift never dances with the tune.. NEVER :P


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When I spent my weekend with Drake !

This is by far the worse quality video I ever took ” LOL” that’s because for the first time I really enjoyed the show without even thinking of coverage or photography or whatever , I WANTED to enjoy the concert and I sure as hell Did


So I apologize for the poor quality video .. but this is the best I could do :P too busy singing along :P


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The Best thing of 50 shades of grey !

Otherwise the movie sucked :P

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