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It’s Your Soul that Needs a Surgery :)

I wanted to write this post for so long ..  I am in utter shock how in secure people are here with themselves .. that they like to put other people down , whether it comes to looks or what they do , if they see a pretty girl down the street they say it’s all plastic surgery .. ” Sure ” But she surely looks better than you ..

You just can’t fix yourselves by breaking someone else .. FACT

I’m all for beauty .. I like to try new things .. risk .. after my delivery I refused to keep the baby fat and worked so hard to go back to what I was .. Sometimes no matter what you do .. this society always makes people feel that they are ” UGLY” .. when that’s not the face .

I grew so much confidence in myself lately .. Simply because I let go of the people that made me feel down all the time ..  sometimes .. It’s your soul that needs a surgery . Ugly souls that needs to be fixed !

It’s not easy feeling and believing that your beautiful .. but being around beautiful souls and people will always make you feel beautiful and worthy and makes you look at life .. as a beautiful place .

This topic reminds me of a song that is describing what I’m trying to say in Music ..


When you feel Happy .. You automatically feel Pretty and  Beautiful . Let go of UGLY souls .. ;)


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The Solution to all Make up Problems !

Hey guys! .. Ladies in Specific!

I’m not that good with make up and I’m not a make up artist ,  I love Make up though and trying new things , but I have a problem that my make up doesn’t last and always doesn’t stay in place , especially with Eye liner and Eye shadow under the eyes , I think it’s because of my skin type or something , I know a lot of girls suffer from the same problem , so thought I would share the thing that worked with me after trying almost everything.

I posted about that issue with me and make up on instagram , and almost every make up artist or make up lovers told me to use loose powder , concealer and primers , they just didn’t work !  I really Needed something after my whole make up placement , touch up kinda Thing and I found the perfect Thing for people who suffer the same problem as me !



AT LAST FOUND SOMETHING THAT REALLY WORKS WONDERS ! You can use it to correct your make up and Contouring

Try it Dolls and let me know how it goes , I got mine from MAC Grand Avenues , I’m sure you will find it in all Branches

It,s KD 17 , I got a corrective brush along with it .

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Behind The Scenes of ISABEL MARANT for H&M Photo shoot !

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This by far is my favorite collaboration collection with H&M , Call me just with the trend but her jackets and coats are to die for , Warm Winter fresh colors , with a touch of silvers and sequin .. and simple day to day wear .

Exclusively for the city magazine the shoot took place at the roof of marina mall where  social media figures , business owners , bloggers where selected to be the faces of the Isabel Marant shoot.

The fun part is that Hair , make up was done at the set and it was raining so it did give it that winter feel

Photographer was Jalil Marvin

Ill leave you with some of make up , hair dos and most of all the collection itself

photo 2(1).JPG

photo 2.PNG

photo 2.JPG

photo 1(1).JPGphoto 3.JPG
photo 1.JPG

Can’t wait to see the final results , honored to be part of this campaign . 

 for more pictures of the collection  @IsabelMarant

@the Citymagazine



Look Out for the Raw and Magnetic collection on November 14th !

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Doing BODY SLIMMING @Salhiyahclinic!


Now before I start .. ladies who are preggers learn from this .. I GAINED More than 30KG during pregnancy thinking I can lose the baby weight in a maximum of 2 months time .. NA AHHH wasn’t the case , so I thought I should do something about it !

Thankfully I’m eating everything I want with small portions , I started walking more , Stopped exercising cause I got my ankle injured , BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS I LOST A GOOD 17 KILOS so far and I have 10 Kilos to go !


Now I got a little crazy and wanted the FAT GONE quick with no effort .. so I called up DR NISHO’s office for LASER LIPO AND INNER THIGHS TONING , I waited 2 months to get that appointment.


He told me if I’m going to do the surgery I will only need a bit of lipo on the stomach but my problematic area is my inner thighs ! so that requires Cutting cutting and cutting and that area might be scared for good  and  sometimes scares shift where you can see them , He recommend I exercise and eat clean for now and wait for a year for my body to get back on track and if I’m still not satisfied to come to him again so he can operate , SO I FREAKED OUT !


I went to  Salhiyah clinic to try their Slimming machine , at first I’m like yeah that won’t do anything , I remember when I did VELA it did tone me up but after a 3 weeks of 7 sessions I GOT PREGNANT ! :/


Their slimming machine is similar to velashape , they use DEKA , The different is that VELA produces a lot of head that some what can burn you as for DEKA you feel something cold in your body then it gets warm , it also has laser beams to burn the fat, They have 2 kinds of machines FAT Burner which is the ultra sound can be noisy but it works and they having the toning and anti cellulite My first 2 sessions was with MARIA like 2 months ago which I felt a small difference because I required more sessions then Ramadan happened I was too lazy to continue my treatment , SO yesterday I spend Almost 2 hours with Marliene and she was determined to make me lose a couple of CM’s while she was done and let me tell you that session took a while and the pressure was somewhat not comfortable  !


First Step she made me drink two glasses of water before we start , then she took my measurements !


Step 2 – They make you lie down on your front then back to they can work around the problematic areas

Step 3 – They program the machine on what you need as you can see below my problem is inner thighs so we worked on that the most !


Now what I realized it’s not about the machine itself it’s about how the instructor uses the machine and how experienced they are to get good results.



They Apply Cream and Gel , depending if they will start with laser or ultra sound for burning fat


Then the sessions starts !



The laser machine sometimes requires glasses cause you are working with laser at the end of the day.


After the session ended .. You feel like u need to go to the toilet and urinate

Then she took my measurements and guess what LOST A CM and almost 2 CM’s in the stomach AREA!  The first 2 sessions didn’t measure myself so don’t know how that went , but even thought it was SOOO LONG .. I left happy that I was lighter!

I have 3 sessions left  and I can’t wait to see how much more CM I will lose .. I also felt my thigh’s tone a bit the huge difference that I saw my stomach ! My thighs still needs work but I’m so pleased with the results !

I woke up today feeling like I worked out in the gym my whole body was aching , I can’t wait to finish my sessions and see the results Ill keep you updated after my sessions are done !


I recommend you guys try it , GO to MArleine even though she takes her time she loves giving you results and because of her I started to drink more water , I used to drink half a cup a day which was so bad now I drink 2 bottles a day and I feel the difference, it really helps the slimming process !

There’s not side effects to those machines , the only thing you have to avoid is not going for a session if your pregnant or your on your period .

They do it for female and male as well , so GENTS I recommend you try it up and tone up before you hit the beach !


If you have any questions about the machines hit us up with your question in a comment and I will answer you ! :)

Call or Follow @Salhiyahclinic and feel free to ask them any questions on their slimming machines!



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For the Soon to be Brides ;)

hannayome  event image.jpg

Waiting for the big day and feeling nervous .. and about to become a bridezilla soon !

Maybe Hannayome will try to cool you down and help you get ready and satisfied for your big day ;)


what I personally recommend to get done for your big day .. is your SMILE SMILE SMILE ;) get your holly wood smile or brighten your pearly smile .. and @bayandental will be there to help you do that .. Please don’t walk down the aile with a dull and crocked teeth ! this is your day … it’s just one day in your life time .. you will remember it through videos and pictures .. and you don’t want to be hidden your smile because your just not confident to show it !

Yara Jewelry will also be there to help you pick your jewelry


( Picture by Froyonation)

Algahnim travel to help plan your honey moon and DJ randi to keep the party going !

The two-day show will be held at the prestigious Alhamra Mall on 13-14 March 2013.
Timings (morning 10 am – 1pm, evening 5pm – 10pm).
Follow them on instagram for more updates @hannayome

هب السعد على هنايومي


مجمع الحمرا يستضيف عرض هنايومي، الوجهة الأمثل للعرايس، على مدى يومي 13-14 مارس 2013

بعد نجاح العدد الأول والثاني من مجلة هنايومي، يعمل فريق هنايومي على وضع اللمسات الاخيرة لإطلاق العدد الثالث من مجلة هنايومي، وهي دليل شامل والأول من نوعه في الكويت،

يستعرض أرقى الخدمات والمنتجات الخاصة بتجهيز العروس وحفلات الزفاف.

والجديد هذا العام هو موقع هنايومي.كوم على شبكة الانترنت، والذي سيتم إزاحة الطرحة عنه  في حفل الإطلاق، حتى تتمكن العرايس من التجهيز ليوم الزفاف براحة وسهولة.

وسيقام عرض هنايومي في مجمع الحمرا الفاخر – قاعة المعارض – الدور الميزانين ،يومي 13-14 مارس 2013 برعاية يارا للمجوهرات (راعي ذهبي)، وعيادة بيان للأسنان، وسفريات الغانم، وشركة الرندي للإنتاج الفني (رعاية فضية)، وشركة فاستلكو (راعي تقني).

مواعيد العرض (صباحا 10 – 1) و (مساءا 5 – 10)

للمزيد من المعلومات والتواصل والاستفسارات تابعوا هنايومي على الانستغرام


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Loving ” The Balm” Make up !



I already fell in love with the Balm characters on their make up products .. so very vintage .. Never tried any of their make up though till today !

Wanted to try The Balm liquid eyeliner and Bronze shimmer eye shadow first !


 fell in love .. it’s just the perfect Black and the Brush helped you get the perfect shape on your eyes .. I totally fell in love .. this will be my liquid eye liner for many years to come ;)





The Bronze eye shadow that I used as Eye Shadow and Cheek Bronzer ;)




Those products will be abused for months I tell you and I can’t wait to try their other products !

Stay Tuned ;)


Follow them on @BEAUTYBOX_KW

You can find them at Mishref , Shamiya , Rotha Coops and Al Bustan, Bairaq and Otad !



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