As a fashion designer this was on my mind for ages and I never let it  out or did something about it

This is my time to express what I feel and how frustrating it is..

People have taken my brand name . I was so annoyed , Angry , and couldn’t sleep . I thought of changing the whole name  but then I decided I wanted to hold on to .. it was my design my brand name after all .. why should I change it  because someone else took it ? Sooner or later they will copy you no matter what you do .but when I thought about  in my case I can’t blame them because maybe they really did not know that my brand existed .. The Logo is different and the field is different .. and unfortunately when i wanted  to register my logo and name they told me that they don’t need my logo .. just register you name and thats it.. strange but true  from all the copy trends we have here anyone can just steal your name and maybe even your exact logo.

There are kinds of copying

COPY with changes ..

1- Imitating something  you like with some  changes .. I think it’s normal .. when u love something so much there is no harm in doing something similar but different that suits your own style  and make it your own . For example I have friends that are designers too that tell me I love this CUT i’m so going to steal it but change some things about it  .. do you mind ??  Ofcourse not because

1- You asked me you just didn’t do it behind my back..

2-If they loved it that much .. i’m sure others will .. I treat them as customers more than friends and if everyone likes that cut of dress .. im sure the majority of the customers will, as long as she gives me credit .. i myself will support her/him.


Copying the trend is fine … the best example used here is the ” Spikes Trend” designing a jacket with some spikes doesn’t mean your copying another brand who had a jacket with spikes on it .. it’s going big with the trend so you expect that alot of designers are using the same materials to design a certain outfit

SO don’t accuse someone of stealing your idea  here .. it’s the TREND.


This is a low for anyone who wants to start a business and I think you should close it down from now .. when you open a business you open it because you have a passion in doing something and you want to show the world how creative you can be .. you have a Talent and you want to express it  instead of hide it .

We all know what happend with our dear sister F2O .. she used to draw since she was little girl .. hard working .. have her own style and certain drawing character like the kuwaiti cultured characters and the famous go with the Fro Afro Character .. she went from small to big and has her own boutique at Burj Jassim.. for for a business ( If that’s what they are callled ) to go and steal her exact drawings that she worked so hard for .. it a serious LOW .. and i’ts not coool at all .. even though you sell it cheaper .. no one wants the fake Chanels , Hermes and Gucci’s they want the originals .. so to ruin the value of the brand because of your low moves ..

 The Country has to strictly do something about this .. No one should be copying someone that worked all his love to create something of their own !! Please support our Businesses and don’t let anyone just easily take what they own for their own benefit !

 Copy rights .. Copy rights .. Copy rights .. take it seriously please!



2 Responses to “Copy Pasting a Hardworker is NOT Cool!”

  1. im with u all the way, what that looser did was annoying and cheap, whats even cheaper was his reply to f20, just remember what goes around comes around


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