Samsung Galaxy phones are known to be breakable (especially the screen). I dropped mine yesterday and didn’t notice anything until this morning :/


CrackedScreenI think i’m going to go ahead and get the otterbox defender case and keep it at that small crack. They sell it at cavaraty for 19 LD, but its too bulky :/… Looking for suggestions. 


4 Responses to “It was going to happen eventually :/”

  1. My iPhone case is an Otterbox. It’s not the sexiest case but it’s saved my phone.

    • I have the otterbox on my HTC one X, its one hell of a case, if it was only waterproof it would’ve been the best ever.

  2. I used a full protection Otterbox case on my HTC Desire back in the day. Made it bulky and thick but that thing was bullet proof.

    • Yeah,,, I know.. I have the same on my HTC one X. But might be worth the investment. At least i can use it when going offroading, camping or when doing non-office related stuff hehe..

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