First I would like to say MASHALLAH!



The youngest blogger in town doesn’t just Talk .. she HOSTS as well :)

Check Lujain out hosting Viva’s Ghabga with Mic imbalta3 !

Big Shout out to Hi Kuwait and Abo Flan who is part of the video

Check out her Blog {HERE}


5 Responses to “Lujain Hosts!”

  1. Awww She’s So Adorable :**

  2. She is not just adorable she is intelligent! Just like her sister Jacquie from Couchavenue! lol

    I hope you guys had fun at the event!

    I enjoy her fresh and honest point of view!

  3. Awwww thanks alot for this lovely post hehehe tara Lujain loves you guys a lot! Especially you Dudette! Enshalla bs you had fun in the event :D

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