That’s the saying I keep hearing from people ..well people that are not very well off most of the time .. Really though??


I think the people who say’s Money doesn’t buy you happiness just can’t afford what they want and this is how they make themselves feel better really.. at least that’s what I personally think.

I do admit some really rich people are unhappy .. and depressed ..  I saw it’s like they have everything they want but what’s next??  Some know that they will never have close people who care or friends because they enjoy the free things and the free vacations basically they don’t care they are just using  and taking advantage of the “Rich Person’s Company”  Some pay their friends bills , plan vacations on them , free gifts .. free shopping ..Do they love it ?? YES .. why .. their bills are getting paid .. which is sad .. you don’t know who really cares .. some of them goes on drugs or something to heal themselves up .. But come on .. if I have the money to buy whatever I desire why not?? No .. i don’t want to work so hard to earn what I want ! They say ..If I do that I enjoy and appreciate what I purchased more? mmm Worked hard all my life so I think some people deserve a nice thing for themselves without working hard for it !




What annoys me the most is the people who say Money can’t buy you health ! Well it can afford your cure for sure ! .. some people don’t have the budget to get the help they need and curethemselves and they get so sick and die because they don’t have the medical support or the was6a ..a disease can get to you even if your pooor people … the only difference is that you will be stuck here and get a wrong diagnosis because you cant afford to see the real deal in a real hospital over seas. Have you entered one of our hospitals in Kuwait Lately .. I swear to god they make you even more sick and some doctors here just play around because they think they know what the “[problem is ” when they have no clue .. basically you are a try out sometimes . Ask me they removed my gallbladder when I didn’t need to ..which I regret not checking oversea’s first to see what the real issue is .. I went when it was too late !


I’m not saying I want the filthy rich life .. but I want to buy the house of my dreams  without worrying about anything .. relax and chill a bit with no worries … travel around the world with an open check  . don’t depend on myself for once and buy whatever I want ” You know I love and never get enough of fashion” which can be problematic to some women cause you can get broke in less than a week lol ..and just take a break from life with a lot of Kaching ;)

What do you guys think of this never ending phrase

” Money doesn’t Buy Happiness”

Your thoughts ..

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  1. Money buys you comfort, that’s for sure; but it can’t buy you happiness by itself. Just first class tickets, 5* hotels, luxury case and crocodile Birkins. Then what? After a while these become so ordinary you won’t even feel the joy of acquiring them, especially if you haven’t worked for it.

    Healthwise, money can buy you a few more months, maybe years if you’re lucky, but again not happy

  2. One day the Prophet asked his dear companions whether they knew who was poor. They answered that poor was one who had no dirham or dinar (money)’ He said: “In my Ummah, the poor is that man who would appear on the Day of the Judgment before Allah; he had offered prayer; he had paid Zakat ;he had observed fast; but he would have abused somebody, he would have falsely accused some one; he would have unauthorizedly taken some one else’s property; he would have murdered some one; would have hit some body. All his virtues would be given to his victims. If his Virtues are finished before his wicked deeds are finished, then the errors and sins of the victims would be given to him and he would be thrown into the Hell.” (Muslim)

  3. being rich and being happy are completely different things..i personally know millionnaires who have what u want and travel with “an open check” and buy whatever they want whenever they want..but they have some serious emotional issues and insecurities and they r extremely unhappy….i belive that happiness comes with being content with what God almighty gave u..sure, u should work on improving urself and ur life situation..just dont dwell on things when they dont go the way u want them to

  4. Money and happiness are not related. It is when you entangle money to your happiness that is when things get messy.

  5. very nicely written ……

    money cant buy you happiness but it can offer you a BMW to cry instead of a bicycle.

  6. I don’t agree with this statement. Money don’t buy you happiness, but not having money is not a virtue. One can be rich and unhappy or poor and unhappy. Besides, having money and not be happy is much better than being unhappy and poor at the same time. The statement is politically incorrect.
    Money can buy you more freedom. As you mentioned, I want to be able to quiet my job whenever it is overly sucks. have more than “30 days” leave per year. and actually be able to travel during those holidays. Money is defiantly cant buy happiness but can be a leverage to get by. When I think money, I don’t want 30 million worth yacht, I want freedom.

  7. Honestly, your life is rich from the good people around you, not the money in your pocket! Money doesn’t hurt, that is a fact, but its not the answer!

    I see a lot of guys who have unlimited funding and who have friends who just want to spend his money! It really is depressing to see that!

  8. i agree with you it depends on how you spend your money on… the fact is that lets say you’ll see this rich women who LOVES fashion she just shops shops and shops and she’s spends more then a pilots ma3ash in 1 day but she never thought on how to invest her money .. why not do something useful or even open your own brand or a multi brand store ? i don’t believe that money doest bring you happiness its all on how to use it … and yes i agree with what you say ..

  9. Money buys comfort not happiness.

    And no it does not buy you health. Some examples include AIDS, rare diseases that kill you within days, obesity (because food is an addiction to these people and it is psychological, so throwing money won’t help) and not to mention the numerous psychological disorders that money won’t fix.

    Since you believe money fixes things, kindly fix your superficiality.

    • I didn’t say it buys you health .. some people are not well off and they get aids and rare diseases .. what I’m saying is that hospitals here sometimes gives you wrong diagnosis and the place you stay at depresses you even more than what your feeling …. so affording to get a different opinion oversea’s won’t hurt
      Yes IT for sure buys you comfort .

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