I’m going to call this the trailer post !

Ramadan is coming to a close and we are wondering what to watch , some are just confused of what to watch and some are just not interested in kuwaiti shows .  For the people who are interested maybe this can make things more easier!

There’s alot of shows happening at the same time but don’t worry about clashing times , there will be reruns on every show after fetour , I personally enjoy watching shows before fetour just to kill time and the hunger!.. But let’s not forget Bogtada o Bo Nabeel ;)

I HAVE TO START WITH SAHER IL LAIL 2 .. BIG FAN OF SAHER IL LAIL one , I watched it half way then I loved it so much that I had to watch it from the beginning  so I grabbed my laptop and watched it online on watan.tv , to be honest I was thinking part 2 ?? how ??! but I’m glad I wish that Abdullah boshihri and Haya end up together someone .. the scene of the rain and window is just too much to take !  I CAN’T WAIT ! :) ( I think it’s going to be on Al Rai and Al Watan Tv )


2- Mosalal Al Jaleeb Starring and written by HAYAT AL FAHAD on Al Rai ( This is a long trailer but worth it trust me ;) )

3- Mosalsal Lafaat Al Khater, special act by Haya Abdul Salam.

4- Mosalsal Bo Kareem Birgobta sabe3 Hareem on Al Watan TV and MBC.

5- Mosalsal Forsa Thanya Starring Suad Abdullah on Al Rai and MBC.

6- Mosalal AL MALEKAH starring Huda Hussein ( Now that’s new .. a Musician?? really?) on al watan tv

7- Mosalsal Shobat Amal starring Mohammad Al Mansoor on Al Watan and Abu Dhabi


Mosalsalat Masriya Starring Adel Imam on Al Watan and MBC

Adam staring Tamer Hosney ( on Abu Dhabi)


Mosabagaat and comedy shows on funoon  ( Check out the scene where they are trying to copy saher il lail loool)

Egyptian Comedy on MBC Drama


What do you guys think will be ” THE” Mosalsal of the year?? :)


6 Responses to “Mosalsalat Ramadan 2011”

  1. Thats a long list, ya36eeekom el 3afya.
    el mosalsalat look interesting.

  2. I think it will be lahfat 5a6ir and sahir al lail 2!!
    can’t wait to watch them!

  3. hey im currently out of kwt so I was wondering if u can put what time all these startr ??!!

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