I have to start with Saher il lail 3 ( Watan al Nahar Promo)

Other mosalsalatOn al Rai TV  + Baramij with episode of Baini O Baineck featuring Dr Tareq Habeeb!

Khawajah Abdul Gader


Law Bagi Laila

7aber al 3yoon ( hayat al Fahad)

Al Watan ( majmoo3at Insan .. Saad Al Faray )

Amra2a tab7ath 3an Al Ma’3fera

Hajr AL 7abeeb

‘7admat al koon ( Huda Hussein)

7alal o 7aram

Baramij ‘3anat FUNOON

These Grabbed my attention .. but the list goes on and go ..

Now .. the question is..


3 Responses to “Mosalsalat Ramadan 2012!”

  1. There are more upcoming. Lovely post.

  2. Thaya3teeeni so far my list is:

    1. Saher Al Lail 3
    2. Khawat Denya

    3. Kanat El Shaam o Kanayen el Shamiya (but I see myself getting bored with that soon)
    4. 7alaft 3omry (maybe)
    5. Khademat Al Qawm (maybe)
    6. Law Bagy Laila (maybe)

    I really want to watch only 2 I don’t care about the rest much as they get repetitive.

  3. i really want to watch omar.it’s my favourite series.that’s all.

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