I saw this the other day and I was like mmmm.. is it one of those these ads that are over promised and doesn’t work or isnt it ??

I know alot of people that complain about their double chins, some have them for being over weight , some have this problem even though they are skinny, some even dont have them but they want to touch up and tone their necks and chins more!  , My dad is one of them, he does have a double chin ( sorry dad bas its true :P ) so I’m going to make him order it and well see if it works or not , it’s not even expensive.. its only for $ 26 so you have nothing to lose ;)

Its only available online .. for ordering and more details please click here.

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  1. Dudette

    Did this Neck Perfect work?



  1. I got the NECK PERFECT kit! | 7ajidude.com - [...] know some of you is like why the hell did she order this .. well I wrote about this …

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