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All the way from San Francisco .. Kuwaiti rapper EMCEE ELEMENT shows us how he do that !

So Impressed.. So Proud of this young fella and all the hard work he puts into showing people what hes representing and what he’s all about !

Still representing Kuwait in San Francisco.. he’s gonna shoot us you guys till you break down !

Video shot in different parts of Kuwait City ..

here’s show you/ the breakdown

Artist- Emcee element

Direction- Mina Maleck Pour

And ofcourse a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the people who worked behind the scenes and put effort to make this video a success release bombshell !

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Tried ULTHERAPY non surgical face life, chin and eyelid lift for the first time !





If you guys are following me on snap chat I posted about all the steps from make up removal , with the machine procedure itself.

I will not post something that doesn’t work because I want you guys to trust me , at first I was like it’s a machine will not make that much of a different but when I felt my skin stretching that I couldn’t even move my face during the procedure .. shocked me .


Ultherapy is an FDA approved machine that tightens the muscles and skin to give you a more contoured chin , face lift and brow lift so that winged liner will look twice as good;)



It takes 3 months to see the final result , but I got to say that I saw the difference in my eye lid first thing ! and my face skin stretched ! my chin I still didn’t see that much of a difference .. so I will let you guys know after 3 months if it really works on the chin or not !

ULTHERAPY so far is only available at the CANADIAN CLINIC if you guys are in KUWAIT and would like to try it .. It usually Costs above KD 800 but now they are having a promotion where they are doing it for KD 500 and all you need it one full face , one session !

 Follow me on Snapchat – Username Dudette_7d

Instagram – @dudette_7d for more updates on the results

Youtube channel  – for the full video  Search ” Hala Abu Al Hasan”

To check on the machine contact canadian clinic @cmckwt


whatsapp 55285449




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My BVLGARI Le Gemme Launch Coverage !

I got to say V LOGGIN so so challenging … but I’m starting to get the grasp of it .. last week I was honored to be representing BVLGARI , it was a pleasure to be a AMARENA girl … which is one of the Le gemme perfumes they launched!


6 girls .. representing 6 perfumes chosen based on every individuals personalities and styles.


I had so much fun and I can’t wait to show you what other videos I have in store ;)




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Gulf Run highlights by the talented 81GRAM

I miss gulf run .. and this video is just Epic covering all the highlights of X this year , I wanted to take that chance and  feature

Abdullah Al Sayer ,  A K A  81GRAM  

I’m a big fan  of his concepts, production and videos.

His videos are simple with an out there twist ..and he’s very much into details , capturing good moments with some good tunes in the background , I watch his videos till the end even if they are 15 minutes long  and I look forward to every Gulf run teaser video and the after math highlights…. it just grabs and entertains you till the last minute his work.

so here’s some of his work..






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Gulf Run X Bahrain Video Footage is now on Youtube !

As Promised I told you I will Vlog more often for you guys … instead of just writing .. 

I’m learning .. not that much of a pro especially on youtube !

So here’s a start , A small coverage of what went down in GULF RUN X  10 years/ 20 events at Bahrain !


Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel ! ;P

ENjoy ;)


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Zain Kuwait sponsored the biggest event of the year .. and it was all worth it … All the Zain social media team packed the bags and went to support the Gulf RUNNERS !


THE EVENT WAS A BLAST .. BUT THE DINNER WAS EPIC .. and it was one hell of a break !



More fast and powerful cars this year …. but the Broken RECORDS.. first and second place still goes to Sami Haider beating last years record .. but this time with the Porsche Man Killer with a timing of 12.12.785


The Beastie Corvette .. came second this year with a timing of 12.12.977

The life of the track … everyone did an amazing job showing what they are capable  of doing on the track at the end .. its the driver not the car ..


The high light of the whole event was the Dinner and the Appearance of the Avantador  Liberty Walk  and the GTR Liberty Walk from the orange army Drag 965 !






Some more beauties …




The inspired new generation of racers …




KTMS … and the funky ones …






965 was also there to support GR X…




The  Group Photo Shoot !



Special thanks to all the people who made gulf run happen  Marzoug Al Ghanim , Khalid Al Fraih , Ahmad Al Muthaf , Ahmed Al Majid , Nasrallah ,Hahem and Zahed Al Sawan , .. and Zain Kuwait for the well organised well put event !

Thought we will spice it a bit and have a full video coverage that will be released soon on my youtube channel !

See you all next year !

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I’m going to VLOG for you guys …

I feel like the blog is so BLAH lately…


Missing something !!


Even though I love writing my feeling out in the blog .. I realized people don’t want to read… well not all .. MOST … some are book worms ..


So I decided to VLOG some coverages , reviews , opinions and tutorials for you guys instead of just typing them down , not everthing but maybe mix and match?
 instead of taking pictures of a restaurant .. will keep you as part of it in a  video coverage , what we liked, disliked and why … same goes to fashion of putting different outfits together , maybe cover more sports events , give out random opinions and recommendations.



What do you guys think ? I’m gonna stop talking now cuz I know you will not keep on reading :P

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I Can’t Stop Watching this :)

I  Just can’t its emotional .. it’s artistic … The collaboration .. the feeling … everything about this video gives me the chills.


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Canadian Clinic In Kuwait!

We all know that if you fall with the wrong doctor when it comes to anything whether a diagnosis or cosmetic .. can doom and effect your life .. mentally , physically and emotionally .

This is why I love talking about doctors I trust from past experience and so far the only clinic I fully trust in Kuwait is the Canadian Clinic .. which is owned and managed by The RhinoPlasty Guru Dr Khaled Al Subeih ,  Im booking with them for lipo suction and I tried doing treatments with them with Dr Ziyad .. and Really Loved their work and professionalism .

I’m also going to try a new slimming machine with them and review it .

In case you wondering what departments the canadian clinic has .. here they are











I recommend them so much  for Cosmo work especially Dr Khaled Al Subeih for  Rhinoplasty or nose jobs .. half my friends did their nose with him and he’s just perfect … he creates a new shape based on your face structure which I love .. and he makes it simple .. one thing that some doctors don’t have here , they do the same nose on every face they see.

If you wish to do something and is hesitant or scared I recommend you book your consultation with them


Will give you updates and my experience on everything I try with them !






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The Year of FREEDOM… ;)

I never celebrated a New year the way it should .. usually it’s Blah .. laying in bed and not even knowing when is the count down BUZZ happening ..



This year … Will be different I WILL CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR because it’s a new beginning  .. I feel god put me into a lot of tests that I really learned from .. then blessed me with so many good surroundings .. it made me a much stronger person .. and it taught me that people should except you the way you are and if they don’t they should not be part of your life.



This is a quick Thank you post for everyone who stood by my side in 2014 , the ones that was there for me at my worst .. I will never forget you .. my family that believed in me and supported me and helped me be where I am today .

TO everyone who supported me at what I do best .. SUPPORT is everything to me.. I hope I made you proud.

To 2015 …. To Freedom …

I can’t wait to spend this year with you …it’s going to be one hell of a ride .. it’s going to be a fun year full of good vibes , travelling around the world … watching my son Grow … and  earning good brotherhoods and friends .. My Team .. My own Circle.

sometimes … things happen to you for a reason .. “GOD’s Business” … you meet someone at the strangest circumstances ..” GOD’s Business”

You somehow felt dead .. then Something Happens and YOU feel “SO ALIVE ”  .. You felt so Lonely and Alone .. then YOU FEEL A LOVE RUSH that is always by your side ” GOD’s BUSINESS”  You felt so bad then all of sudden you forget all that and FEEL SOOO GOOD! ” Gods Business”

Everything is Up to god and everything happens for a reason .. When your good your a good person .. GOD will always be by your side .. And the BAD will never be HAPPY .. always insecure and empty inside …  GOD will protect you .. from those .. GOD will make you feel A FREE SPIRIT!


HAPPY NEW YEAR #2015 .. You will be good to me  #INSHALLAH

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