As usual ..Jacqui’s famous Ramadan Schedule on Khaleeji and Arabic show, Which channels will they be aired , the timing and reruns in case you missed it .

Save this to your phones you guys and it will make your lives much easier if you a show watcher in Ramadan !




save and enlarge !



¬†Imbarak Alaikom il Shahar and I”M STARVING RIGHT NOW !!! :(


4 Responses to “Ramadan TV SHOWS TIMINGS !”

  1. Did you know that until the last minute I was thinking of not releasing it this year hehe but then because many friends and family were depending on it, I thought oh what the hell!

    Hehehe glad you liked it! What are you watching now? Or is it everything hehe for me I am watching Saraya Abdeen, Al 3afoor, sometimes Thuraya, and Lel7ob Kelma (online).

    • i know ! I was going to kill you if you didnt, Jar7 il seneen is lovely btw .. im also watchin il 70b kelma..sometimes thuraya and itiham and Rauch Ad in between !:P

      • I will wait until more episodes air and then binge watch hehe but so far my only two shows I watch daily are Al 3afoor and Saraya Abdeen that’s pretty much it.

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