Yesterday the SUMU wrestler was waiting to get a piece of us at BEST show room , he came all the way from Japan to challenge the bloggers

Everyone who was having a bad day can let it out on him .. But Not me for SURE .. He’s HUGE ! he weighs more than +300 and goes by the name of YAMA




THE JUDGES in my opinion:P

Kansha blog went first !

Moody .. she’s one tough chick isn’t she!

Q8 Blend and Fai9alR blog which I thought they totally cheated because they went the same time :P

7abitain was the best and the to me he is the winner , very impressive , he actually made YAMA lose his balance !  :) Great job Superman !

Then he decided he wanted to have an Arabic coffee break along with some snacks :P

THE PHOTO SHOOT with YAMA and the Bloggers

Then we went on a small tour at BEST and they showed us one of the most expensive TV’s in the world

Can you guess how much?

Yup .. I could buy a house with this money !:P

Thank you BEST electronics we really did have fun with YAMA and thanks to the owner of al Yousifi and all their lovely staff  for taking their time to show us around!

Thanks for the gifts as well;)

BEST electronics is located next to Lulu hyper market

For the winners of our BEST electronics t-shirt competition don’t forget to collect you tees at BEST united showroom branch in Hawally

For more information on who to contact let us know ;)





19 Responses to “SUMU Wrestling with the Bloggers at BEST”

  1. لوووووووووووول !! لا مو صج حبتين الوحيد الي حركه !! هههههههههههههه هاذي نتايج القعده قدام الكمبيوتر يالمدونين ههههههههه :) مشكورين دودز خوش تغطيه ..

  2. LOOOOOOOOL :$ thanks for the great post :P !

  3. Who Said We cheated ?? we didnt !! :p

    Great post and Good Job :D

  4. LOVED your post… I see my name :D I was gonna come, but I am fasting (inshallah all 9 days of thu el hejjah) and I missed it. But your post kinda took me there – Thanks :**

  5. Loool great post but why did u hide their faces 7asafa 3al pics :D

  6. Smart PR move by Alyousifi.

    thanks for the post

  7. Fantastic post and great PR move by them! Didn’t think there would be something this cool going on here! Didn’t have a clue about it, would have been interesting to meet a Japanese Sumo Wrestler! Very cool! And that is one HUGE screen, I bet someone would buy it! lol

    • `you never come dude !:(

      We all are looking forward to meet you !

      Yeah he was huge!! I would not buy that TV what if you scratch and ruin the screen?:P I’d rather buy a house !

  8. cool 3ad why did u cover peoples faces chinhom mojremeen bil jareeda :P


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