” The Arrogance of humans when they link and connect their emotions & feelings to that of an omnipotent being . GOD”

When it’s god’s Business .. it’s Gods only .. Not Yours.

How many of you wish you get out of here ?? Want the week end to come to escape even for a few days to Bahrain or Dubai? Get this feeling in your guts why do we think like this here ??  Politics issues .. Religious halal and haram’s decided by people who don’t even have a historical background .

I love this country to bits ..but I Hate the people , mentality and thinking that makes me just want to scream .. Agree or Disagree we live in Judgmental society , everyone is judging everyone without looking at their own flaws, LET GOD JUDGE US .. HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS THE RIGHT TO..  if your straight then posing for instagram makes you a bad girl .. having a study with your group colleagues at the universities library or starbucks makes you a free  girl  that doesn’t have morals.. Being Gay is Haram and it’s a disease even though it runs in your DNA since you were born  in some people, is wearing 7ijab a religious or cultural thing ? Gathering in Diwaniya’s to talk about who got divorced , who still didn’t get pregnant and who had miscarriages .

we live in a society that tells us and raises us from young age ” NO DON”T DO THAT , IT”S HARAM  , YOU Will GO TO HELL, instead of teaching us how to be a good person inside and out , what’s right and what will make us go to heaven !

we live in society that will literally take you months to finish your work papers whether it’s you coming back from studying abroad , opening a small businesses or whatever , because no one feels like working .. supporting .. and making a difference . We live in a society that lives through  “WASTA” to get the job done .. to get hired in one of the best companies even if you lack education and the people who worked really hard .. cannot find a job to live.

I can’t be more frustrated from how we started to think, how we judge , the jealousy , the envy … all we do is talk about other people lives instead of worrying about our own, If you jealous and envious , say you are .. let it out. its good for you and your body before you explode from envy.

Im gonna leave the comments open because I know people will judge , again let it out .. wash your bodies out from all the negativity .

I have a lot of things going on in my head and I feel like bursting , if I burst I won’t finish .. All I” NEED ” is a break from this culture and society we live in .

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  1. This country has so many opportunities.. lost ones. I travel every single weekend just to have a normal time which is going out for dinner without people staring back at you.. gossiping.. and meeting people who are carefree and who actually MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

    I got my bachelor’s from USA and my MBA as well and got a great job at NBK only 3 years down the road my manager decided to put me out of my job because she wanted her best friend to get the promotion.. as simple as this.. then .. i finally used my WASTA to get the job i truly deserve.. this is how it works.

    oh well .. i’m sure it’s much easier for people who are going with the flow here .. love.

  2. so now youve judged everyone in society,

    good job.

    • She did not judge anyone. She discussed the situation & state of affairs in a nation without singling out certain groups or individuals.
      She spoke of her frustration without even directing insult or condemning those whom judge.
      But you are entitled to your opinion, my only suggestion is read & understand properly before providing a meaningless comment.

  3. Well put, well said. An excellent summary to a much deeper issue.

  4. Reality says:

    Sad but true

  5. I learned a long time ago in this country, regardless of whether you are a good person or a bad person- people will judge you regardless but it isn’t just here 7abebty. It happens all over the world. You have been blessed now with the future generation, and inshallah you teacher Bambino Yousef real morals and values and like you said, not what will make him burn in hell but what will make him go to heaven.
    Personally, I say ignore the haters and as for the comment above. She didn’t tar the whole of society with the same brush. This is her blog and she is allowed to have an opinion. Your comment infact just showed your lack of intelligence. Have a good day, ”Bob”.. spongebob?

  6. That should totally say ‘you teach’ xx silly auto correct keeps changing my words completely.

  7. yeah you need a break form all this annoying stuff.
    Go to bahrain or dubai.

  8. 6a7sa ib amreeka says:

    lel2saf, elbnaya ele sfoor w labsa short is ” moo bent 7mayel ” aw ” moo metrabya ”

    wel meshkela elkobra, ena fee nas 7sbalhum being open minded is about at3da 3la 7uryat shakhs elthany

    lakn ohwa ena tet8bal elshakhs kama howa. who the f cares etha flana t6aligat? kaifha khalha !

    god ana law atkalam mara7 akhalis l2ana hal mawtho3 eyeblii el7arj.

    bas i love this post w had to comment !


  9. ahhh you just expressed what i’ve been feeling the past 1 year … lilasaf we live in such sociaty … everyday i face judgement by someone … but i came to learn just to live and ignore them its the best way to live your life .. and this life taught me alot of stuff and one of them is to be strong and live my life just the way i want and dont really even bother of thinking what people would think about you .. only your truely loved ones .. allah kareem and thank you for expressing what i was feeling all the time .. xoxo

  10. Girls.

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